Rachel的功課 Rainy Day I do not like a rainy day .The road is wet , the sky is gray . They dress me up , from 洗碗機head to toes , in lots and lots of rubber clothes .I wish the sun would come and stay . I do not like a rainy day 咖啡機. ~ William Wise ~A little girl named Rae ,before going to bed each day,always heard her mother says:"Don't 冷凍冷藏冰箱forget to pray ." ~ Dad and Rachel Gibbs ~ Round the rinkAs I skate slowly ' round the rink , So 鼎曜餐飲設備nervous and scaredI can't even blink , Two skaters breeze past me , As quick as a wink . " I'll skate like that 花店someday . I'll do it " I think . ~ Linda B. Ross~There uonce was a boy named Link , who didn't have 關鍵字enough too drink so he swallowed some ink ,threw up in the sink and now they all call him a dink. ~ Dad and 網站優化Rachel Gibbs ~ Cinderella Cinderella , dressed in yella ,Went upstaiyrs to kiss a fella . Made a mistake and 搜尋行銷kissed a snake .How many doctors did it take ? ~ someone ~Sara asked to bake a cake , " do I need to use a 澎湖民宿 rake ? "Mother said , " for goodness sake , you don't need a rake !Let me do it , you need a break ! '' 婚禮顧問~ Dad and Rachel Gibbs~


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